Can You Really Get A Job?

We have been in this spot before, the dreadful job searching process, then the interview and possibility of getting the job. Interviewers look for the most qualified individual and how they present themselves to the hiring manager. It can be a tricky thing to do in some cases depending on what they are looking for in the employee. Here are some things that you can always expect to be aware of.

What does the right “fit” for the position mean to the hiring manager?

At times it does not always mean you have to meet every criteria listed. It is about how similar you are to the interviewer. When you fit the position it is more about the perspective that enhances the team as a whole. This can be done in a few ways. One would be if you can mesh with the tea well, or if you might become a problem with them. Another is how well you would transition into the position they are asking you to fill.

Depending on your previous position how can you go from that to this basically. Fit can also be how much o an interest you seem to take in the company. That is always important because they want their values and goals to be met. If you have interest they are more likely to believe you have the company’s best interest at heart. Then you could be the person that they would be excited to have walk through their doors the next morning. And maybe even someone that they could see themselves being around outside of work and it not be weird. All those things come into play when hiring managers think about candidates.


Understanding the Culture

As mentioned above showing interest in the position is essential. It shows the interviewer that you know what they stand for specifically. You can demonstrate this through comparisons of other companies. Talk about the other companies and what they stand for and how it did not fit into what you were looking for.

This will get them interested in hearing about what drew you to their company in the first place. You can gradually shift this conversation into why you believe that you would make a good asset to their company as well. But do not come off arrogant or too cocky. They are turned off by this.


Know The Interviewer

If you happen to get a chance to know who is interviewing you before you in the interview, do your research on them. It is helpful in knowing how they will behave. Then find out what they do at the place of business and ask specific questions to that.

This will get them talking about what they do and if they’re excited about it and how they feel in the position hey are in. Especially if the interviewer is getting a raise and you are replacing them when they get promoted. You can get a feel of how the position will be and how long the interviewer held it. Also, maybe try to find a personal connection with the interviewer to gauge the common ground and have them open up a little more. This helps loosen both of you up and have a more relaxed, natural conversation.


Talk To Previous Employees Or Current Employees

Talking to the current employees or past ones can come in handy when you want to show how you will fit with the company. If you know a few people already it and demonstrate that you are friendly and get along with others well. This also goes hand in hand with knowing if you can get along with the team. Plus, if you do a little bit of name dropping that might enhance your chances of getting the job.

Depending on the position those people hold the interviewer may go back and talk to them after the interview to compare notes and see if you would be a good fit. Every interaction hat you have with the people in the company is another thing for the interviewer to look at as an evaluating mark. Just make sure to keep everything professional even when talking about those you know on a friendly basis. You still want to emanate the ability to keep personal and professional separate.


Show What You Know Is Relevant

A perfect way to show the interviewer that you are right for the position is to literally spell out everything that qualifies you. And what this means specifically is that you have to go through all the points of experience, qualities, and skills that they are looking for, for the job. This will show that you have really thought through what is required of you.

You want things to be super clear to the interviewer on where he decision should be. And if the job you had previously is not in the same field as the one you are applying for, that is ok. If you can make what you learned from your previous job fit into the role you are going for they will be very impressed with that ability. It will show that you can adapt and do whatever it is that needs to be done.



Make sure that they see you are excited about the position. Excitement is everything so whatever points you express to justify you are the right fit for the job, express them with passion and enthusiasm [however weak or vain they may seem]. This is very important especially when you apply to start up companies that are just essentially built on the energy of their employees, like Uber, Groupon, or Facebook. You have to provide it in the right amount though. Too much hype can be a little creepy. And not enough will just have the interviewer checked out and decision ready before you can even explain what you know how to do.

When they say presentation is everything, they truly mean it. You have to present yourself well in order to even be considered. Then you have to further explain to actually be the choice. Show them you are meant to be there because you want to be, first, then because you are qualified. Maybe even ask about the company events so that you make it known you want to be a present figure in the company and you are willing to put in the time and effort to do so.




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